An application that allows users to monitor, throttle and or increase their CPU speed and performance

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ThrottleStop is small program designed to prevent the throttling of laptop CPUs.

Throttling is a technique through which a CPU is artificially limited in order to manage heat generation or to preserve battery life. Laptop manufacturers use throttling techniques for a variety of and often multiple reasons: have the laptop run cooler, let the laptop run longer, let the laptop run on a power adapter that does not provide adequate power and so forth.

ThrottleStop is small program designed by Kevin Glynn to prevent this kind of throttling. We use the term small in the sense that the program has a very small footprint in terms of resources consumed. The program is designed specifically for laptops and is able to block the three throttling techniques that laptop manufacturers tend to use.

When ThrottleStop runs, it can detect your CPU type and maximum speed—without overclocking. It then uses that information to detect when the laptop has or is attempting to artificially lower performance below those levels. The program offers four throttling prevention profiles: optimized performance, Internet navigation, battery support and gaming.

The average user can use these profiles as is. Advanced users also have the option to configure these presets so that they get the best possible experience for them. Users can also switch these profiles on the fly, so if you stop playing a game, for instance, and instead start surfing the Web, you can switch to the appropriate profile for that activity with just a single touch.

The gaming profile is designed to give you everything the laptop has at all times. The optimized performance ensures that you get the performance you need when you request but will not interfere with throttling when you do not need it. Internet navigation is similar but with an emphasis on resources related to Web surfing, and battery support is intended to preserve the charge you have available.

The ThrottleStop window is split into two panes. All of the throttling options are on the left pane. You can select a preset or configure it there. On the right pane you will find the monitoring tools. This is where you can see the performance data that ThrottleStop is collecting in real-time.

So, why would you want to prevent throttling? Well, throttling can diminish the user experience, such as causing you to drop frames while playing a video game. Be mindful that ThrottleStop can throttle as well and tends to be more effective than manufacturer throttling when you have performance to spare.

ThrottleStop is not without its risks when preventing throttling. There are circumstances, such as when a power adapter is not powerful enough, where you can actually cause damage to the power adapter and even the computer. Note that in these cases ThrottleStop can void the laptop warranty, and for these reasons, we do not recommend this program for casual users.


  • Prevents CPU throttling
  • Supports three types of throttling


  • Not for casual use

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